The 35mm is the essence of photography, and has become my way of understanding the world around me. With my camera, I can stop time. It has become an introspection tool to express my feelings, emotions, and internal conflicts. 
Through photography I have found the means to see what that others cannot see. Through my art I express the memories that weave our existence: silence, nostalgia, distance, loneliness, nature, and time. People and landscapes become impressionist paintings when exposed in the film. 
We know how to observe, but do we truly see? I ask the viewer to see beyond the everyday world, and not to be indifferent to the world around us – to reflect on memory and what we have forgotten. My photographs are a way to free the spirit, enter a state of meditation, and connect again with your inner self.

 - TALISMAN at SOIL art Gallery, Seattle WA                       2023            

- Mis montañas, mis memorias at moCa Cleveland      2023
- VOID at Cleveland Print Room, Cleveland OH             2021

- VOID at Hildebrandt Studios Cleveland OH                 2022

- Human States at RAW, Houston TX                                       2019

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